Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aaaahhhh. Rest, how I've missed you.

Ooooh, life is good. It's Sunday night. We have pigs in blanket. Ella Kate's napping. Our house is fairly clean. Our patio is clean. AND we ran this afternoon. I feel thinner already! I will be honest. I thought my lungs were collapsing a few times. But Bradley kept pumping me up and I didn't quit. He told me I need to take longer strides. I'm not sure he realizes that I'm way shorter than him. I just gave him "the look" and kept running.

Yesterday, we had a date day in Dothan. We ate breakfast together and made a Sam's run. I needed that day. I became very aware of that on Friday night when I pulled up to the garage after the ballgame and remembered that I was supposed to pick up supper in town. So I turned the Acadia around and went back for our dinner. Sleep hasn't been great for the last week or so. Ella Kate's been waking up in the early morning hours and having to be rocked back to sleep. The last 2 nights have been WAY better though. Maybe we're getting back to normal. I apologize to Tessa for falling asleep while she was here last night. I told you people I'm tired!

Let me leave you with a funny for the week: On Tuesday I told my kids to look Wednesday morning to see if the groundhog saw his shadow (the 1st grade teacher in me was trying to get out). I had 1 very concerned young man because there are NO GROUNDHOGS around his house! I told him I guessed he'd have to watch for it on the news.

Have an extra good, snuggly, cozy kind of week.

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