Thursday, July 21, 2011

10 Things

I love a list so here we go:
1. Ella Kate has a tooth! It's barely peaking through those gums, but it's through. Thank goodness!
2. I saw a road the other day called "Snuffbox Road". Really?
3. Bradley and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a short trip to the beach this week. On our last night some intoxicated man asked us (about 15 times) if we would like to ride through Peir Park on his "golf cart" because it was a "promotional thang" and if his boss saw us riding it he would give him a "dollar or two". And he was eating "tomatoes and salt". We know this because he also informed us of this at least 5 times. It was funny at first and then became annoying. But the band was marvelous. As we were leaving they played "Love to Lay you Down" by Conway. I thought maybe someone had called ahead and told them I was coming. Love that song.
4. I worked in my room at school today. I am sad about leaving Ella Kate and going back to work. BUT I am thankful to have a job and enjoy my job SO I still get excited about the beginning of a new school year. Do the rest of you teachers feel this way?
5. I ran farther this morning than I've gone all summer. YAY! I am feeling really good about this running thing. Won't be long til I'm back in those clothes again.
6. I ate junk food for breakfast afterwards to celebrate.
7. Ella Kate now climbs my legs when we're getting ready in the bathroom.
8. I get super excited about a new magazine in the mail.
9. I read 2 books while at the beach this week.
10. This has been absolutely the BEST summer since I've started teaching. I don't want it to end. I plan to soak up every minute of my last week at home for a while with B and EK.

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