Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Little of This...A Little of That

Well baby #2 is...........a boy!  I was more pumped about this than my husband.  You see, the plan I have is never to do this pregnancy thing again.  So I knew we either got a boy this go round or we had all girls.  On the way to Dothan Monday morning, I talked myself through all the reasons 2 girls would be great .  I wanted to be prepared either way.  He was extremely cooperative, and we were told immediately that it was definitely a boy.  Off we went for a little birthday shopping and celebrating.  We spent a couple of hours at Chuck E. Cheese that afternoon and had a blast.

I had a workshop in Troy Wednesday-Friday and I officially decided if there were a Hardees in Elba, I'd be in serious trouble.  Yes, I had a biscuit. every. morning.  Yes, they were great.

We had Ella Kate's 2nd birthday party yesterday, bouncy house and all.  She LOVED it.  I'm not sure how many adults she convinced to get in there with her, but I know there were several.  So thankful to all the people that came and loved our baby girl.  Last night we watched Bama crash and burn.  B needed a little cheering up, so we broke out Christmas Vacation.  It was nice.  I told him it was almost like we were dating again, except for the 2 year old climbing all over us throughout the movie.  It was a great Saturday.

Today we visited Newbia Church where they honored our football team and coaches.  It went well until Ella Kate attempted to take a few bills out of the offering plate during the offering.  I've always heard, "if you need some, take some", but I'm not sure who shared that with her.  It was a nice service.  We've had a lazy afternoon.  We made home made pizza for supper, and Ella Kate is trying out all of her new toys.

Next weekend, my girls travel to Hanceville to compete in the State Cheerleader Competition.  I'm nervous, although probably not as nervous as they are.  They have put in SO MUCH hard work.  I'm super proud of them and we hope to make our mark in Hanceville next Saturday.  Love you girls!

Hope you all have a super week!  Here's to 6 more work days, then Thankgiving Break!

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