Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ella Kate turns 2!

Two years ago today we were on our way to Dothan to prepare to meet our baby girl.  Wow, how time has flown.  I'm watching she and her daddy share a piece of cheesecake as I type and feeling so thankful for them both.  Pregnancy with EK was pretty scary for a short period of time.  But she entered this world just fine.  One of her favorite phrases lately is "I love you guys!" We're not sure where she's heard it but she uses it often.  She's as tall at 2 as I was at 3.  And she is NOT interested in moving to the big girl bed, the big girl room, OR using the big girl potty.  I mentioned to her that we might put a tv in the big girl room and she said, "I just watch yours".  I give up.

The ultrasound that was to be last Thursday did not happen.  So we're off to the doctor tomorrow to give it a whirl.  We'll be celebrating Ella Kate's 2nd birthday in style...Chucky Cheese, here we come!  I don't know about her, but tonight I'll be dreaming of pizza and skeeball.  B and I have always said we couldn't wait for her to be big enough to go so we can play too.  We may be a little rusty, but I figure it will all come back to us.  And if I remember correctly, that pizza is awesome.

It's a busy, busy week at our house.  We have a party to get ready for.  However, my sweet husband gets to come home right after school again, and I'll have lots for him to do.  Now, let me get started on that list...

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