Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Big Weekend

It was another big weekend at the Bowers' house.  Friday's ballgame was a nail biter and we came up a little short.  That means this week will wind up football season at our house.  It's really flown by, but I prefer to never experience the first trimester of a pregnancy during football season again.  Ha.  Who am I kidding?  I prefer no more first trimesters.  They're rough on this girl.

Saturday morning, my friend, Chelsi and I met in Troy to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Miss Emma Maness.  Emma's parents have longed for this day for so many years.  Their story is quite an amazing one.  Andrea is due in December, and we enjoyed the morning at her shower.  Don't tell Bradley, but after the shower we hit a few stores on the square before coming home.  I topped off the morning with a big order of McDonald's french fries and my radio blaring 90's on 9.  Yes, it's the little things.

I may have mentioned that back in the summer, I sold our bedroom furniture.  All of it.  We bought an old dresser and painted it.  We picked up a bed frame.  Other than that, we've been roughing it.  Last weekend my parents picked up 2 night stands that I sanded and they painted. B had them all moved in when I got back from the shower so we set to work organizing all our junk that's been laying the floor of the spare bedroom since before school started.  That room is soon to become Ella Kate's room.  She's not in agreement yet.  But I feel like when we go pink in there, she'll change her mind.  She will, after all, be 2 a week from today.  Yes, seriously.  She needs a big girl room.

We got to visit with Uncle J, Uncle G, Aunt Courtney, Papa, and Gigi Saturday night during the game.  It was a great visit.  Sunday, G and Courtney joined us at church then we headed to the family reunion afterwards. After a little nap, Ella Kate and I took off to our church's fall festival.  She loved it.  I think we picked up ducks 54 times and raced cars at least 32 times.  It seemed like a lot.  But she had a ball.  Tomorrow is Pumpkins on the Square.  EK will be sporting her busy bee costume and if it's as cold as they're saying, we'll be bundled up tight.  I'm planning on putting chili in the crockpot in the morning.  I don't eat it, but it sure smells good.

Thursday, we're planning to have "the ultrasound".  Boy or girl?  I'm trying to remain neutral.  But I'll post ASAP.  Have a great week!

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