Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Have An Announcement:

I worked in the yard this morning.  Yes, after a month of accomplishing NOTHING due to a lack of energy and constant nausea, I stepped out into the yard this morning and trimmed the shrubs.  I also cleaned out the dog pen, AND potted my mums.  I know.  As EK says, "I so pwoud of you.".  I feel so accomplished.  My kitchen still looks like a bomb went off, but I'll tackle that later.  I was so certain I would continue running while I was pregnant. Ha.  Not going to happen.  I have been doing better than I did the first go 'round.  I refuse to gain 60 lbs this time.  She was worth it though.

Ella Kate is growing up everyday.  She keeps us smiling.  She told B this morning when we picked her up from my parents', "Hey, My Daddy".  Precious.  She is a prissy little thing.  She's all about her sparkly Bob's or her new "boops" aka:  boots.  She tells us, "So pretty!"  She's all about some clothes.  And cleaning.  Absolutely. My. Child.

There is not one thing on the agenda for us today.  Oh, I LOVE it.  A Saturday at home.  This time of year is  super busy for us.  I'm sure it's that way for everyone.  It was after midnight when we rolled up last night.  And homecoming week is upon us.  There are dress up days, banners to make, shirts to sort, and pep rallies to hold.  It's not as much fun as it was as a student, but I always like a little break from routine.  Homecoming Week?  Sure.  Bring it on.

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