Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend

We kicked off the weekend Friday with a ballgame in Luverne.  I miss my friends there!  They were always a blast.  It was so nice to see them, even if it was briefly.  With that being said, I was really, really, really proud of our guys.  They played hard all night long.  And I'll leave it at that...simply because if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.  Tough loss.  B tried to become The Deer Slayer on the way home from the game.  He's fine.  His truck is not.  We'll know just how "not fine" it is after tomorrow.

We started Saturday with my Grandmother's 99th Birthday lunch at the lake.  99 years???  Can you imagine???  She's still looking good and seeing Ella Kate give her a big hug and try to pull her to the swings was entertaining.  Rarely get to see that side of the family.  I hate that because they're lots of fun.  Ella Kate had all the fun she could stand, and she crashed about 5 minutes from home.  I took advantage of a lazy afternoon at home and napped as well. I think we slept for hours.  I finally pulled myself out of the recliner and made a chocolate chip pecan pie.  BEST. EVER.  I've attempted this several times, but this one was definitely the most successful.  Made it yesterday and it's gone.  Uncle G, Courtney, and Gerald came last night to hang out and spend the night.  We sat around the outdoor fireplace watching football and chatting.  We finally moved the party inside and hit the sack around midnight.  It was nice to sit around with breakfast and coffee this morning.  I don't drink it, but I do love the smell.  We all went to Maw Maw's for lunch after church.  Ella Kate loves G and Courtney.  She's pretty fond of Gerald too.  The visit was great and I hope it happens again soon.

Congrats to my friend, Allie, and her husband John, as they got to meet their 2nd baby boy yesterday, Nolan Timothy.  Such a sweet time for them.

It was one of those weekends that leaves you feeling extra blessed. My energy is slowly returning, and the nausea is slowing fading in intensity (I hope).  This afternoon I hung up some clothes that have been laying in a pile in our bedroom for at least 2 weeks, sanded 2 nightstands, and hung some pictures that I bought 6 weeks ago.  I know.  Watch out. I'm on a roll.  I've even fixed my hair a couple of times.  This is big.  I was living with the bun for at least a month.  Never fear.  It was a stylish bun!

Hope you all have a week that leaves you feeling extra blessed.

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