Saturday, October 13, 2012

Relief! I see it!

I think relief is in sight!  That's the thing about "pregnant sick".  You don't know if it's going to end, at least anytime soon.  And it becomes, for me, a little depressing.  But I've had some better days this week and it continues to improve.  I am SO thankful.  Unless you've experienced this, you just have no idea how thankful.  With Ella Kate, I'm not sure it ended until she arrived.  She was worth it, no doubt.  But I've been really concerned it would be the same way again.  We are super thankful for this baby, no matter what.  We realize, from personal experience, that there are many people who would give their right arm to experience this gift, even if it does come with a little sickness.

Homecoming Week was great.  In my opinion, the best ever.  I saw some precious nerds and hippies this week.  I even heard a few songs in the hall.  Always entertaining.  We held our first ever black light pep rally Thursday night.  I was nervous about this...and a little stressed.  My father in law made a Walmart run Thursday because I woke up that morning in a panic that I might not have enough lights.  Thanks Papa! It turned out to be a hit.  The gym was full and there was plenty of entertainment to go around.  I loved it.  I will attempt to upload a clip to facebook soon.  So proud of my girls.  They were up and back at school bright and early yesterday morning for the annual homecoming breakfast.  Coach Robison gave a great devotion about finishing well.  Finish well they did...ZC ended the week with a huge win last night.  I did not grow up in Jack, but B and I love working at Zion Chapel.  We've got some pretty awesome kids, parents, and teachers.  Homecoming each year makes me feel extra thankful to be a part of a great place.

Got to see a far away friend for a few minutes last night.  And hoping to have dinner with she and her husband tonight.  Ella Kate and I are hanging out in our pj's and  watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I'm blogging and she's trying to inspect my teeth.  She keeps telling me to "open mouf".  Happy Saturday!

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