Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When am I supposed to breathe?

I just put that precious baby girl to bed, and to say I'm tired is the understatement of the year. AND I was off yesterday! We had yet another ballgame tonight. And we are hosting a competition on Saturday. My brain and my body feel like they're running in a hundred directions. I have NEVER been IN a cheerleader competition, TO a cheerleader competition, and certainly have never HOSTED one. I have watched one on TV. But we'll survive. The shirts are cute ; ) That's what matters, right? Thanks Tessa!

Bradley's up for Husband of the Year. He comes home, feeds and dresses EK (she matches too!), packs the bag, and brings her to the game so I can see her at least for a little while. I don't know if I'd consider it "quality time" but it's better than no time at all.

I was all pumped this morning because today was "4H Day". I even told B when we were getting ready that if I owned a shirt that said, "I Heart 4H" I'd wear it today. I get to sit and enjoy my whole afternoon and listen to the 4H lady give her spill 3 times. It's great for catching up. 4H Day was arriving just in time. Would you believe the schedule was wrong????? I NEEDED 4H Day. And it's not until next week. How sad.

I promise to blog after this weekend when I get a moment to catch my breath. Hope you're all doing well. Happy Hump Day tomorrow!

Disclaimer: if anything is spelled incorrectly or does not make sense, please don't hold it against me. I'm THAT tired. Really.


  1. Oh man, I feel you on the basketball schedule...we are surviving and that's it. She is a doll, Hope. I hope we can meet her one day...maybe one day my house will be free of sickness. Maybe when they're 18.

  2. I think you're Super Woman. It takes us until lunch to get out and going- period. I'm nursing so that does make things a little more complex I guess, bc I'm not one that feels comfortable whipping it out in public. I don't know how you're keeping up though! You're doing great.

  3. Somedays I literally stop myself and say outloud "Thank you for this season in my life. Please help me to appreciate every moment!" And I say it over, and over, and over, etc...... Congratulations! She is adorable!

  4. Hope, you're doing an amazing job! EK is beautiful!! I can't wait to meet her someday soon! I love to hear all about how you guys are doing! Keep blogging!!