Monday, January 4, 2010

Tales from the First Grade World

I always love my kids so much better after some time off. Today was no exception. We started the day with a little journal writing: My favorite thing about Christmas was __________. They dove in and when everyone was finished, we shared. One of them needed a little help sharing his so I agreed to read it for him. It said, "My favorite thing about Christmas was my bud lite year." I wanted to tell him I could think of a few people who felt the same way. But I refrained. It made me laugh.

We also discussed germs and colds and good things to do to help avoid those things. To round out our discussion we made an "Achoo Andy". In the middle of our creation one my favorite students yells out, "Mrs. Bowers, do you think Andy has a little bit of a comb over?" And I checked. I believe Achoo Andy does have a comb over.

Where do they come up with these thing? I love my job.

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