Saturday, January 30, 2010

We do love a weekend...

But before that...a quick recap complete with pictures:
Happy 100th Day of School! Doesn't everyone need a necklace of 100 fruitloops?
Last weekend I had a visitor. Bradley was at a deerhunt for the weekend, so I went to get Hollan. I taught Hollan a few years ago. I LOVE her. She is precious. She has the biggest heart you've ever seen in a child. She's wise beyond her years. And we both love some shopping and pedicures. The pictures below are of Hollan and Bradley on Sunday afternoon having a deep conversation about making knots and snapping fingers.

And now..............the weekend.

Is the moon full? Because it seemed that way this week. But the weekend is here and we are thankful. I celebrated a rainy Friday night with a good magazine and a horrible movie with Bradley in the comfort of our home. The movie was horrible in a funny, "these are the worst special effects we've ever seen kind" of way. We ate leftovers from Thursday night and relaxed. We even got to watch "What Not To Wear". Bradley was thrilled. And around 9:45, some friends of ours were coming into town for mexican food (they'd had a ballgame out of town). So we threw on our raincoats and headed out to meet them and have some cheese dip and chips. After good conversation and some laughs, they finally turned out the lights on us. (Yes, we are aware that if we had children, we would not be going out for cheese dip at 9:45 on a Friday night. But for now, we're enjoying it.) It was a nice, random night. I think we both enjoyed it thoroughly.

On the agenda for today: Walmart, a lot of laying around, and a long sports banquet.
Tomorrow: Church and a nap
Isn't it nice?

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  1. How fun! Definitely enjoy going out at 9:45 for cheese dip...we would've had a babysitter and it would've counted as a "date night" : ) We'd love to see you guys when we're there next! Every time I read your blog I think we could be friends :)