Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Welcome back, Summer!

Summer has arrived in full force at our house.  We finished a busy last week of school.  B and I finished our 3rd year at ZC.  Have we really been here that long????  And we were off to the beach to celebrate.  If you have facebook, you know this because we posted a ton of pictures.  Ella Kate loved it.  We took Cheyenne along to babysit.  We learned our lesson last year.  And a good time was had by all.  Even Uncle J joined us one day.  We were more than glad.  Ella Kate did NOT want to come out of the water (ever) so we took shifts.  Everytime Uncle J tried to bring her in, she cried and he would turn around and go back in the water.  It gave the rest of us a break to sit and take a tan.  Someone was asking me this week about our trip, and I told them the beach isn't nearly as relaxing with a baby, but watching her enjoy it beats relaxing any day of the week.  She rose before the sun saying "going to beach?"  and she cried each time we got out of the water.  She said the wet sand in the bathroom floor was "nassy" and she referred to the sea weed as "weed".  We made a lot of memories.  We are so blessed.

Just because it's summer doesn't mean we sit around and eat bon bons in our PJ's all day.  We are still busy, but it's a fun kind of busy.  Ella Kate started her second year of ISR swimming lessons yesterday.  I'm so excited and she's all about learning to swim.  She refers to the pool as the "beach" and she was unhappy about the end of her lesson yesterday.  She loves the water.

We have weddings galore to attend this summer, which means we have showers as well.  Bradley's brother is getting married in August.  We thought this would be a good reason to have lots of people over and celebrate.  I also see it as a chance to use all that stuff I've pinned on Pinterest (#addicted).  So Saturday we've invited way more people than we originally planned (that's how it goes, right?)  to celebrate Courtney and Uncle G's upcoming wedding.  We're excited and super busy trying to finish all these yard "projects" and house "projects" that we've talked about doing for months.  We're looking forward to it (and hoping for no rain on Saturday).

I just got back from a run, and I'm getting quiet time before everyone else gets up.  It's 8:00 and EK is still asleep...never thought I'd see the day.  Happy Summer!

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