Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Random Thoughts

1. I had a good day. Best I've felt in 3 weeks. Thank you, Lord.

2. My husband bit my arm Monday night in his sleep. He apologized. But remembers neither.

3. I love ARBY's.

4. B wants to go to Ozark and watch wrestling tomorrow night. NO.

5. Molly decided to take Bradley's medicine on Monday.

6. I had Mr. Henry's cookies for breakfast this morning. I had to put gas in my car and they were calling to me from the case. Do you think that's why they place them by the register?

7. When I was doing my internship, I ate 2 Mr. Henry's cookies and drank a Mt. Dew EVERY morning. How in the world??????????????

8. My brother-in-law raked our yards and cut our grass yesterday...without our knowledge. He's alright sometimes. ; )

9. I told my husband yesterday while laying in my bedroom floor that I just didn't think I could do this. I might have been crying...possibly. He told me we could have 1 and be done, but he thought it was a little late for this one.

10. There's nothing like a new Better Homes and Gardens in the mailbox.

Happy Hump Day!

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