Monday, March 8, 2010

No One Told Me

just how bad morning sickness is. OR that it lasts all day. Or that would have to teach school today in a chair at the front of my room with a trashcan beside me. This stuff is bad. I thought it was a virus, but I was informed that it was more of a 9 month virus. My daddy (the encourager) reminded me that I wouldn't be in this shape if it weren't for Bradley. However, he's a good nurse and I might nominate him for husband of the year. I'm taking all suggestions for relief.


  1. Congratulations! (not on the morning sickness).
    I am so excited for you two. I heard about how my sweet cousin got up the other morning and drove to Opp to get you a biscuit. I second your nomination for husband of the year. I don't know if mine would do that for me.

    Take care.
    Love Heather

  2. Congrat! What wonderful news. I will certainly be praying for you- that morning sickness can be rough- but Lord willing it won't last all 9 months :)